Cleaning Your Dirty Kitchen

You will find so many people who like to cook a lot, but you will hardly find anyone who likes to clean the kitchen. They just cook but don’t clean the kitchen, and hence their kitchen gets dirtier.

When you are going to clean the kitchen, obviously you will want to clean it quickly and with less effort. You will not want to sacrifice your valuable time for it. That is why I am writing this article with 7 awesome tips that will help you to get the work done.

1. Empty Your Sink and Dishwasher

When you start cooking, be sure that you have removed all clean dishware from the dishwasher. Also, make sure that the sink of dirty dishes is clear. It makes the process easier as you are getting an empty space. This will help you be worried free about an overflowing sink on top of everything else.modern best Kitchen Accessories

2. Use Vinegar and Baking Soda for the Grout

To clean the dirt and dark grout from your kitchen floor and tiles, you should use Vinegar and baking soda. At first remove the dirt from the surface of the floor using a vacuum cleaner. Now make a paste with water and baking soda and apply the paste on the dirty grout and then spray Vinegar on it. After a few minutes scrub the grout with an old toothbrush and see what happen.

3. Remove Hard Water with Vinegar

If your sink becomes stained by hard water, you have to use vinegar. Vinegar is very essential to dissolve the accumulated calcium in the sink that is created by hard water. Vinegar can dissolve these stains easily makes your sink shiny again.

4. Use Lemon to Kill Fruit Flies

To get rid of fruit flies, you can use lemon. Cut lemon in halves shape and then put them in the oven. Leave the door open during the night. Turn the broiler on for few minutes in the morning, then turn it off. Let the oven cool. When it becomes cool, throw the lemons away and clean the oven. And you have successful kill the fruit flies.

5. Make your Sink Shiny with Lemonkitchen-island

Make a mixer of baking soda and lemon to clean your sink and make it shiny. This will also kill the germs. All you have to do is to sprinkle some baking soda on the sink and scrub it with the lemon and get a shiny sink.


6. Don’t Forget The Walls

You are busy with cleaning the floor, dishes and other kitchen gears. So you may forget to clean the walls. Walls gradually get darker because of cooking residue. Especially the area behind your stove become dark easily. So you have to clean the walls. Simply wipe away the stains with a dish cloth and soap.

7. Clean the Air

You have done a hard job and have cleaned the whole kitchen. You will also have to think about the air to get a fresh environment in the kitchen. To make the air fresh just simmer some vinegar on the stove.

These are 7 awesome tips for you so that you can clean your kitchen easily, quickly and you don’t have to give much effort.

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