Garage Sale ideas

Do you want to have fun while earning extra money or have space for new stuff? Are you preparing for a move or you just feel the need to do spring cleaning? Do you want to train your kids the value of work or you just want to get rid of unnecessary items because your children don’t play with Barbie and Hello Kitty anymore?

Whenever you need to save money, earn extra savings, de-clutter your space, or you just want to spend your spare time productively, throwing a garage sale is the best idea for you.

But keep in mind that garage sale would not let you make bags of money nor help you be rich instantly if that is your purpose. However, you can replace your old appliances such as rice cooker or television from your ‘junk’ since a garage sale’s average profit is $500 to $700.

Although having a garage sale demands too much time and energy – from planning to execution – it would be a great opportunity to help train your children valuable life lessons.

If you’re still not convinced on why considering a garage sale is the best idea, here are five reasons why you need to spend your free time on this task.

Get rid of your unnecessary items

Without hesitations, this must be your most essential purpose and the primary goal. Begin with going room by room throughout your house to check for items that you no longer want to use. Selecting on what to keep and what to let go helps you enjoy looking back at your old stuff which can also relieve your stress. As you prepare to sell, group your items by category or theme and place it in a large box to make pricing and setting much easier.

If you’re still having second thoughts whether to keep some items in the past, remember that over the course of time, your collection of stuff only reflects what you were back then and not who you are now. It’s time to move on with your treasured possessions because everyone grows.

Witness the delight in people enjoying your old possessions

There are lots of ways on how to unclutter your old stuff. You may dump them away, but it means adding to a landfill, or you might want to donate your formerly-beloved-possessions to your local charity because you believe in the saying “It’s better to give than to receive” but it means you are unsure of who end up with your stuff. However, there is no greater feeling than seeing a person lit up their face just because they found the exact thing they want for a lower price and it also makes it easier for you to let go of your pre-loved items.

Provides your children precious life lessons

Utilize the opportunity of throwing a garage sale to train your kids with simple tasks, collaboration, different sales and negotiating techniques, as well as discipline. You can make them set up their stand of books, toys, clothes, or other items to sell such as lemonade stand or ice candy to beat the heat. You could also let them decide what they want to achieve with garage sale because giving them something to aim for helps them set their goals.

A garage sale can more likely teach your kids how to recognize different coins and bills, basic addition and subtraction, how to take cash and give change, and most especially the value of money.

Helps you earn a little extra cash

Setting up a garage sale might not immensely help you buy a new house or pay off your mortgage loans, credit card debts, bills, and support your luxury but a little extra income from your pre-loved items is better than throwing your stuff away.

Create room for new stuff

The priceless feeling about having a garage sale is that you can have more space in your house to buy new stuff that you might love even more. It will not only help your economy but selling your formerly-beloved-items frees you and gives you a relieving and refreshing feeling.

If these five reasons finally convinced you why you need to set up a garage sale, do not forget the 5P’s for a successful event. Planning to make your garage sale as smooth as possible; Preparation to release you from stress and hassle; Patience to enjoy the wonderful experience and opportunity; Presentation to convince and persuade people to buy your stuff, and of course People to make your garage sale unforgettable and memorable.

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