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For many of us, spring is a season very different from the others. The rebirth of nature after winter, the warm weather and much more are what make us love it.

So, it is very likely that we want to give it a place in our house, by making a beautiful spring decoration. This is one of the best ways to welcome the season and change our mood. Indeed, many decorating ideas cost hardly anything if you apply them correctly.

As you can see, the most popular element of spring, which can be used for decoration, is flowers. Flowers in vases, in pots, on wall planters.

There are many ways to approach the floral designs for spring home decoration. But even if you do not like the floral designs, there are other ways to welcome spring into your home and renew yourself. We gathered our favorite ideas to bring spring to your home decor and we have listed them below.

#1 Use Real Flowers

home decor with Flowers

Real flowers bring balance and harmony to space. This can not be achieved by fake flowers, as beautiful as they appear in the vase. But without any flowers, could you imagine a spring decoration?
We certainly can not imagine the spring season, with no seasonal flowers in the house. Apart from the aesthetics and harmony they offer in the area, many spring flowers have a wonderful scent, or they can also have insect repellent properties.

For example, two very popular plants that repel the insects, giving an amazing scent, are basil and lavender. You can have them in small pots inside the house, on the balcony, or even in jars.

#2 Floral Wallpaper

wall wallpapers

Are you looking for another way to bring flowers to your home in the spring? In some cases, you may not be able to bring real flowers home. A classic case is having someone at home who is allergic to pollen, which occurs mostly in the spring.

Decorating a wall of the house with a floral wallpaper is the alternative idea you need. In fact, it costs less than painting a wall, and you have a lot of choices from a really great variety.
When you’re bored, or you want to change styles of decoration, you can easily remove it and put another wallpaper in its place.

#3 Use Light Curtains

choosing the right curtains

When we design the winter decor of our home, we usually care for heavy fabrics, such as curtains, carpets, and sofas.

The reason is that heavy fabrics help to isolate the house and retain more heat. For spring decoration, we follow the opposite logic. Space needs to breathe and match the atmosphere that prevails in the outside environment.
For this reason, we want our curtains to be as light as possible, ideally to be made of gauze cloth or tulle. Especially for living room curtains, you will find a huge variety of ideas to satisfy your aesthetics.

#4 Uncovered flooring


In the same logic as the previous idea, your floor does not need a large and thick carpet as it did in the winter.
In the spring the weather is getting better as it’s preparing for the summer and your floor has the chance to be revealed. Of course, if the floor has a defect that you want to hide, you can put a small mat.

However, there is no reason to hide the floor of your home, especially if you think it can contribute to your decoration. What do we mean by that? A floor of wood, marble, or paved with ornate tiles is worth it, because it adds something more to the aesthetics of the space.Spring Wall Paintings

#5 Spring Wall Paintings

Works of art are useful for every home. They decorate the walls, highlight their dimensions and offer something very important to the aesthetics of the space.

As you surely know, there are many paintings that cost a fortune. This does not mean you have to pay a lot to have a beautiful painting in your house, there are alternatives.

A common solution to the problem is to ask a friend who does art to create something for you. However, you can also make your own painting for the living room, the bedroom, or whatever space you want. Have you heard about the technique of decoupage on canvas? Perhaps it could inspire you to achieve amazing results.

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